Diamond Squaring Wheel(segment)

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Diamond Squaring Wheel is mainly used in modifying the uprightness of ceramic tiles and stone’s edges to achieve the effect of the scheduled size. The product has the characteristics of the high sharpness, long working lifetime and low noise, Good uprightness and precise size of processed tiles edges without breaking and chipping. Strict production process control and stable quality. Different formula and size also are available upon requirements.

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After the diamond calibrating roller processes the porcelain tile, producing a smooth surface with fixed thickness, the diamond segment grinding wheel can perform milling with excellent efficiency. It can be used for big size glaze ceramic tiles,porcelain tiles and polished porcelain tiles.Diamond dry edging wheel is mainly used for rough grinding, fine grinding and trimming of polished tiles, antique tiles and microcrystalline tiles. It mainly has the following characteristics: no black edge, good sharpness, long service life, low noise, Fast heat dissipation and less dust. It is very good to ensure the verticality and size requirements of the processed products, and will not collapse or collapse. The production process is strictly controlled and the product quality is stable. Choose reasonable formula and particle size matching for different brick quality. Products with various installation sizes can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

1.Dry and wet dual-use operation is convenient for dry grinding without burning the wheel
The service life of single-layer brazed diamond products is 2~3 times that of electroplated products. When cutting stone, dry grinding can be done without adding water, and the service life of single-layer brazed diamond products is longer. The grinding efficiency of single-layer brazed diamond products is 1~2 times that of electroplated products.

2.The grinding speed is fast and the work efficiency is effectively improved
Brazed diamond products do not delaminate or drop teeth during use, and the performance is safe and stable,It will not cause secondary pollution to the environment during use, and is a national green product,This product is made of imported diamond, super wear-resistant

The abrasive tool is used for processing granite, marble, concrete, ceramic tile, glass-ceramic, etc. 39353 The production formula of the improved composite bottom material of diamond grinding stone developed by Zhongyuan Institute of Technology is the processing technology of diamond grinding tools. The new formula process eliminates the phenomenon of bending (Bend) deformation, cracks, and delamination during high-temperature sintering, and ensures product quality. A new composite bottom material for diamond grindstones that can effectively prevent bending deformation, cracks or delaminations from existing diamond grindstone production technologies.


Φ200 10 13
Φ250 10 13-16
Φ300 12 14-16

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