1.0 / 1.2mm faster cutting Ultra-thin diamond segment cutting disc for ceramic-Cutting disc for Dekton

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Diamond cutting disc for ceramic have hot-pressing sintered type, laser-welding type, sliver-welding with diamond cutting disc, continuous and segment diamond cutting disc.Our product mainly used on cutting nondestructive grooving on ceramic, rustic tiles, glazed tiles and microcrystal tiles.This product has characteristics of fast cutting speed, no chipping, smooth and flat cutting slots, long working lifetime, good sharpness and abrasiveness.It is can be used by single blade and multi blades.

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1.0 / 1.2mm faster cutting Ultra-thin diamond segment cutting disc for ceramic

1.About the sharp, The segment thickness is 1.0/1.2mm, which can effectively speed up the cutting speed.
2.And wet cutting gives this ultra-thin cutting discs an extended working life.The customer therefore gets more cuts per disc, it will save process time and costs.
In fact, our customer testing the disc has shown that there is (up to) a 30% increase in productivity when compared to Conventional Ceramic Circular segment cutting discs in the market.
3.The high-speed cutting speed not only improves the working efficiency of the saw blade, but also achieves the effect of no chipping and clean cutting.
4.Ultra-thin diamond cutting disc processing range
●Glass material: various glass tubes/optical glass/quartz glass/ceramic glass/gemstone/crysta
●Ceramic material: Alumina/Oxide/Black ceramics/Glass products/Ceramic tube/Refractory, etc.
●Semiconductor material: silicon carbide/silicon wafer/solar cell
●Brittle metal materials: cemented carbide (tungsten steel), etc.
5.When ordering, we can assist you to choose the most suitable cutting disc according to different processing requirements. At that time, please provide the user with:
●Model (755S8, 735S25, CPH, etc.)
●Dimensions (outer diameter, thickness, inner diameter, etc.)
●Specification ( particle size, bond, etc.)
●Use (cutting size, cutting material; grooving, cutting, etc.)
●Using conditions (machine tool, cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut; etc.)
●Cutting requirements (cutting accuracy, chipping requirements, surface integrity, working life, etc.)

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Note: Special specifications can be customized

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