Diamond saw blade cutting disc 350mm diamond circular saw blade for cut granite stone

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Diamond saw blade for cutting stone used for cutting and grinding ,marble,granite,microcrystalline stone,quartz stone ,sandstone,Artificial stone,refractory brick ect.The edges of the which will not be broken after a long time using,fast speed,longevity of cutting,good stability,Silent metal body is available for reducing environment pollution.These blades can be used on portable electric tools.manual cutting machines and automatic bridge cutting machines.

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Diamond saw blade for granite are mainly used on cutting the slabs of granite,sandstone,slate,and quartz stone.
1.Diamond Cutter Circular saw diamond blade, diameter from 250mm-800mm.
2.For cutting of stone blocks of granite, Sandsotone, limestone, lava stone, marble, etc., as well as cutting of concrete, asphalt, reinforced concrete, masonry, rock and tile, ceramic, porcelain materials.
3.The diamond segments are produced by our own factory with quality control and good cutting results.
4.Wet cutting only, silver or laser welding, brazing.
5.Ordinary core blank blade, silent type sandwich blank blade.
Suitable for bridge cutters/bridge cutters, manual handling cutters or benchtop cutters.

➢Fast Smooth Cutting : Designed for cutting construction materials, including brick/block, paves, roof tiles, concrete and stone.
➢Wet and Dry Cutting:The diamond blade can be used on light or medium duty cutters for dry or wet cutting
➢Great Quanlity: these circular saw blades perform better and longer than other diamond saw blades.
➢Dust-Free: Super thin kerf design provide fast, precise, cuttimg while minimizing dust .
➢Wide Appliance: The diamond blade can be used on angle grinder / circular saw / tile saw / cut off machines .

Φ300 2.4 50/60
Φ350 2.0/2.4 50/60
Φ400 2.8/3.0 50/60
Φ450 2.8/3.4 50/60
Φ500 3.0/3.4 50/60
Φ550 3.4/3.8 50/60
Φ600 3.8/4.0 50/60

Note: Special specifications can be customized

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