Super Fast Cutting segment Rim J Slot Diamond Saw Blade for Tile Ceramic for Marble

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Diamond saw blades for marble is mainly used on cutting the slabs of marble,limestone and all kind of soft stones without quartz.

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What kind of characteristics does a marble saw blade have?

First of all, its hardness is definitely much higher than that of marble. Diamond is the hardest material in the current material. Therefore, in the current market, marble saw blades are often made of diamond, and we all know that the hardness of diamond is very large. Therefore, when choosing a saw blade, it is necessary to specifically analyze what kind of saw blade is needed according to the material to be cut. Moreover, this type of marble saw blade often has a very long service life, so the wear resistance of this type of marble saw blade is also relatively good.

What is the difference between a granite saw blade and a marble saw blade?

1. Different segment formulas: granite saw blades have relatively higher requirements for sharpness.
2. The color of the segment is different: the marble cutter head is generally yellowish in color and belongs to the rigid grade, while the granite cutter head is mostly silver-gray and belongs to the iron grade.
3. Different groove mouths: marble saw blades are mostly U grooves or fish hook grooves, while granite saw blades are key grooves.
4. The size and thickness of the cutter head: The hardness of the granite saw blade is harder than that of the marble, while the thickness of the marble cutter head is smaller
5. The price and outer diameter are different: the price of marble is slightly more expensive than that of granite.
6. The texture of the cutter head: The grain of the granite cutter head is mostly speckled, while the marble cutter head is rich in color, delicate in texture, and colorful pattern.
7. Welding seam: The welding seam between the two substrates and the cutter head is also different.

Φ300 2.4 50/60
Φ350 2.0/2.4 50/60
Φ400 2.8/3.0 50/60
Φ450 2.8/3.4 50/60
Φ500 3.0/3.4 50/60
Φ550 3.4/3.8 50/60
Φ600 3.8/4.0 50/60

Note: Special specifications can be customized

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